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When considering a breast augmentation, Asian women are often rightfully concerned that their breasts will end up looking ‘obviously fake’ due to being disproportionately large. They’re also concerned that they’ll be left with unsightly and permanent brown scars under their breasts or wherever the incision for the implant will be made.

Asian women justifiably develop these concerns about breast augmentation because:

  • Some surgeons make no distinction between Asian breast augmentation and augmentation procedures used in Western women. They don’t take into account that Asian women have generally smaller frames than Western women, and therefore require smaller implants than those recommended for their Western counterparts.
  • In addition, Asian skin is more likely to develop brown pigmented scars that stay on for a long time. However, this doesn’t happen in all cases.

Therefore, it’s important to consider these and other unique factors that affect Asian women in order to make the right choice when it comes to choosing the implant size and the location of incisions.

Size Considerations
Usually, Asian women tend to have smaller and lighter frames than Western women and surgeons should keep this in mind when planning a breast augmentation surgery for an Asian patient. Surgeons say that most of the Asian women that come for a consultation are usually a cup size of A-B and even less, while Western women typically have a C to D cup size.

For most Asian women, the goal behind breast augmentation is to enhance the appearance of their breasts while maintaining their natural look. Therefore, it’s important for her to have implants that are aligned with her petite figure, so that they don’t stand out or look ‘fake.’ The surgeon should take these factors into account in order to make the right recommendation to the client, in terms of implant type and size.

You should consider an implant size based on your natural proportions, breast volume before the procedure, physical measurements and the desired outcome, including the look and the size of the breast implant. Nevertheless, a surgeon’s goal should ultimately be to provide the client with a natural looking cup size that gives her confidence without looking out of place on her body.

Location of Incisions

It’s also important to consider where you’ll be placing the incision while keeping in mind that Asian women do tend to develop permanent pigmentation from scarring, whether those scars are caused by surgery or an accident. This is a very common occurrence.

Some surgeons consider the permanent scarring an unavoidable fact, and will therefore recommend making the incision under the breast so that the brown scars are hidden away.

Other practitioners, on the other hand, opt for one of the following alternatives in order to avoid visible scars:

  1. Trans-Umbilical Approach

This technique involves inserting the implant through an incision in the navel. It’s suitable only for saline implants, so for women who want the natural feel of silicone implants, this is not an option for you.

  1. Peri-Areolar Approach

With this approach, the incision is made along the areola edge, which is the pigmented circle around the nipple. Similarly, this incision is only suitable for saline implants, and there may be a visible brown scar around the areola.

  1. Trans-Axillary Technique

Most surgeons consider this one to be the best method to use if you want to avoid visible scars, because the incision is done in the most inconspicuous area there is; the armpit. This leads to very fine scars that can only become visible when wearing a sleeveless top or when the arms are raised. As a result, this is the most popular option among Asian women when it comes to incision location because it gives them the confidence they need to rock their implants without worrying about scar visibility.

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